Five minutes with

… illustrator and graphic artist Marco Cibola.

K: Tell us about yourself.
M: I’m a graphic artist living and working in a small town about an hour outside from Toronto. I work on a variety of projects on a daily basis, mostly commercial.

K: What’s your design philosophy?
M: Well, “philosophy” sounds so serious! I don’t know if I have one, I just try to keep learning and growing and trying new things. I get bored doing the same thing over and over, so I try to just keep moving.

K: What do you like about the design scene in Toronto?
M: I don’t really know much about a particular design scene here. I don’t find there is anything that really defines it or makes it unique to Toronto. I think we’re seeing more and more of an international scene with smaller sub scenes. I guess cities like New York or London have strong design scenes, but I don’t thing Toronto is quite in the same place… or maybe I’m just not a part of it! That last possibility is a very real one.

K: What do you do to get away from your work?
M: I have a one and a half year old daughter, so these days it’s pretty easy to get away from my work! If I need to get away from the studio, I go for a bike ride in the woods or a hike or snowboarding in the winter.

K: What designers/creative did you admire when growing up?
M: I looked mostly at historical stuff, and still do, for inspiration. Mostty 20th century. Kurt Schwitters, Liubov Popova, Fernand Léger are a few that come to mind, but there are too many influences to mention. I just try to keep my eyes open and hang on to the things that make me smile.

K: How do you define yourself? Designer/Creative Director/Illustrator?
M: I think “maker of things” is broad enough to sum up what I do, but “graphic artist ” would be more accurate but still vague enough as a definition.

K: Complete this sentence: Life is made easier everyday with….
M: … a great shot of espresso.

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