Pudding anyone?

Yvonne Nieweth’s 30 unique pudding packages has something for everyone.

Less is certainly not more for Yvonne Nieweth. She has created 30 different packaging for puddings for her personal experimental project. The pudding packagings are a mix of illustrations, photography and typography styles. Some colourful, some whimsical, nothing boring, these designs would make really lovely wallpaper on my iphone as well :) If I come across these in shop, I could see myself buying one of each design home.

I am very excited to speak to Yvonne, and have her share with us a little about herself and her, um, obsessions with pudding.

K: Tell us a little about yourself.
Y: I’m living and working in duesseldorf, germany. I often stay in Ruhrgebiet, where i grow up and where my family and some of my friends still live.

When i was a child, I was more attracted to paper, glue, crayons and selfmade dens than barbie dolls or little pony. I remembered there was once when I cut out all the hearts from my parents’ cards.

One of my early influence was my father’s passion for jukeboxes. I can’t deny my fondness for rock’n roll and oldie-music. Another influence on me was my father’s passion for computers, everyone in our family (exept our cat) had their own personal computer. I was fascinated by fractal design detailer and microsoft publisher and sent letters in magazine-look to my friends.

After an apprenticeship as a media designer in a packaging design agency, I knew that communication design is for me. In spring 2008, i got my diploma and since then worked in several agencies.

This year, i started with my own design-studio. It has got the unique name “yvonne niewerth” and is located in a former art-gallery. In additional to design-jobs, my studio-partner and myself are planning to organise exhibitions and events in this room.

I have a passion in design, be it corporate-design, editorial-design and of course packaging design. Because i am a out-going person and enjoy being a great host at home, concepts and designs for gastronomy is one of my favorites.

Naturally, I’m thrilled by good design, especially, when it’s created by me. My ambition is not just to design media, but to create emotions.

K: Do you have a secret side that is obsessed with pudding?
Y: No, the pudding package was just the perfect “tabula rasa” for my work. First of all, it’s target group is quite huge. Almost everybody, knows, likes and buys pudding.

Furthermore almost everybody has something personal they has associate with pudding. Not to mention that pudding can fill out many occasions and emotions: precious, ordinary or festive, emotional, naive, cozy, consoling, sexy, poor or luxurious, sinful, quaint or modern, romantic, melancholy, nostalgic, idealized, jolly, playful and many many more.

Last but not least, the pudding package was not really taken seriously by the creative industry. It’s interesting to take a focus onto a regular daily life product and to realize the astonishing variety it concludes.

K: What do you do when in search of inspiration?
Y: I look at magazines, books and lately many blogs. I’ve got a large folder of inspirations, in which i put the images and things i like. When i have a creative block, I lay myself somewhere and shut my eyes (that’s one reason, why we have an agency-sofa). My head filters and combines independently and after a while, it spits out the ideas. And when my batteries are empty, i make a trip to inspiring citys like antwerp, amsterdam, london, etc.

K: So, other than pudding, what other things can’t you live without?
Y: My family, my friends, above all my boyfriend, pencil, paper and lists, music, my hands, my senses, mainly my eyes.

K: Complete the sentence: if I am not human, I would be a …
Y: snow dome

View more of Yvonne’s work here

Is there other packaging that you would like to see being re-designed? Do share with us in comments.