Smarty Pants

The packaging for Smartfood popcorn clusters is so simple and pretty.

A new snack product from Frito-Lay designed by Seattle-based Hornall Anderson, the packaging hopes “to speak directly to what women want, emphasizing the power of “&” – indulgence & nutrition, taste & health, a lot of snack & fewer calories”.

Smartfood popcorn clusters are just one part of Frito Lay’s new brand campaign. As part of this effort, we decided to rethink the packaging strategy for a whole portfolio of better-for-you snacks that included Smartfood, Baked!, Flat Earth, 100-calorie packs and SunChips brand.

Interpreting key consumer insights for women into emotionally-resonant design solutions, the brand has went beyond individual brands to consider how all the packages would work together on the shelf. The new design thoughtfully differentiates each product and provides visibility and structure across the portfolio, creating visual impact that encourages women to stop and re-consider the chip aisle as a place “for me.”