Designers who create and choose products that are beautiful and ecologically sound

As we become only too aware of the damage man has caused to the planet, more of us want to furnish and decorate our homes with products that do not harm the environment. But being sensitive to the environment does not mean you have to sacrifice good design. More and more designers are creating products that are both beautiful and ethical.

1000 New Eco Designs is a showcase of contemporary product design and interior products that are ecologically sound. Informative and visually inspirational, the book acts as a handbook, guiding readers through the complex issues involved in creating and choosing eco-friendly designs for the home.

A series of icons show each product’s ‘green’ credentials; highlighting the use of recycled, sustainable and locally-sourced materials as well as non-toxic, low-energy and low-waste manufacturing processes, so that readers can see at a glance the individual characteristics of each design.

The book also provides full information on where to source and buy the products featured.

1000 New Eco Designs is by Rebecca Proctor

Here are 5 interesting products that are featured in 1000 New Eco Designs:

Cubed stool

100% reused oak off-cuts designed by Richard Wawell

Interlock table

Supporting a glass top on sustainable birch veneered plywood, the slotted construction method of the interlock table allows it to be assembled without any adhesives, fixtures or fittings. Designed by Interlock Furniture

Eco-Age sheep

Hand-made in rural Estonia by an artisan using organic, un-dyed wool from her very own sheep! The padding is made from a local factory’s recycled foam scraps.

Graham & Brown Rainforest Wallpaper

Eco-friendly wall paper printed with water based inks with no VOCs or solvents, and packaged in compost-able materials made from corn.

Fret flat speakers

The UK-designed Studiomold Creative Design Fret Speaker consists of a subwoofer as well as two uber flat cardboard speakers which feature recycled laser cut frets.