Judge a book by its cover

First impressions count very much, at least its the case when I am in a bookstore. That’s why I have a collection of books which I bought just for the cover art. These books, many of which I do not read, makes the shelves look good when they are seen. So it doesn’t matter if I picked up a book in a language I don’t understand at all.

And that is why I’ve been spending a lot more time on Book by its Cover, a showcase of books with heartmelting cover designs. Some of my favorites include:

This is a inspiring collection of mini-projects put together by a Swiss artist collective Silex. One of the exercise gives the artists two separate simple drawings and they have to draw all the steps from the first drawing to morph into the second drawing. Another exercise has the artists recreating photographs or paintings in their own style. All lined up next to each other, you can see how different artists interpret things so uniquely.

A bunny adopts the unique traits of a monkey, a giraffe, a flamingo, a yak, and an elephant only to discover that being oneself is invaluable. Brilliant illustrations of animals created from mismatched elements.

This is a beautifully rendered hand drawn book for dog lovers. The drawings are so meticulous, all made of tiny little lines. Samson, the dog takes us on his walk where we sniff Stella and run in the park.

What is your favourite book cover art? Share with us in your comments.