The art of touring

A book of art, photography, and writing by rock musicians reflecting life on the road

The nice folks over at Yeti have brought a beautiful 156-page tome that includes a DVD of live footage, from over 50 contributors including: Devendra Banhart, Carla Bozulich, Jem Cohen, Electrelane, Erase Errata, The Ex, Explosions in the Skyand Le Tigre.

Editors Mia Clarke (Electrelane) and Sara Jaffe (Erase Errata) invited musicians to submit work for The Art of Touring that moved beyond the traditional tour diary form to explore the manifold ways musicians use other art forms to explore and make sense of touring life. Some of the contributions were produced on the road, while others are reflective and after-the-fact. Some explicitly relate to travel and geography, while others capture a mood, a moment, or a state of mind. There are also shots of post-show floors, a story about getting tear-gassed in Siberia, comic strips, and much more, including a DVD of live performances, video travelogues, and on-the-road antics.

About the Author
Mia Clark played guitar in Electrelane until their breakup in 2007 and is now in the band Follows. She also writes fiction and music journalism for the Chicago Reader, The Wire, and The Guardian. Originally from Brighton, England, she now lives in Chicago. Sara Jaffe is a writer and musician who spent the better part of 2000 to 2004 touring as guitarist for Erase Errata. Her music and fiction writing has appeared in the San Francisco Bay Guardian, The Fader, Encyclopedia, Tantalum, and Instant City. She recently completed her MFA in fiction writing, and lives in Brooklyn.