Opening Ceremony

The Opening Ceremony line exists as a multifaceted environment which brings together emerging American talent with establishing designers and artists from abroad.

Like a high fashion version of a cultural exchange program, owners Carol Lim and Humberto Leon travel around to different countries, get their vibe, and then they shop. Through this multi-cultural approach to design, Opening Ceremony features fashions from a different country each year. Deriving its point of view from the mission statement of the Olympics, Opening Ceremony embraces a unique merger of the commercial and cultural aspects of an urban environment. The company is known for discovering, nurturing and promoting new independent designers while taking fashion design to the next level, morphing classic pieces into unique works of modern art. The brand’s unique collection of avant-garde pieces evoke impeccable taste and perfectly outfit the jet-setting urban girl who is constantly on-the-go. Innovative, worldly and artistic, Opening Ceremony speaks to the creative soul of every fashion-minded femme.

Opening Ceremony has gone e-commerce. Hipsters from across the globe can now get quirky gear online.