Music in the fast lane

Audi Design Studio followed Porsche’s footsteps in designing a truly unique piano.

A concert grand piano is impressively large, usually black and has three legs to support the body with its typically curved sides. For more than 100 years, the complex internal mechanisms of these instruments have ensured their magnificent sound as well as determining the overall shape. The long tradition that has led to the grand piano has included many baroque versions that are not ideally matched to Audi’s design language. Despite this, the Audi Design Studio team in Munich decided to tackle the task of housing a concert grand piano in an Audi “outer skin”.

“You can imagine the respect with which we approached the challenge of redesigning a musical instrument” says Wolfgang Egger, Head of Audi Group Design. “We were obliged to study the instrument in depth, and develop an all-embracing concept from the very start. The project was a useful source of experience for our young designers, and will benefit them later when they work on car design.”

In due course it fell to pianoforte manufacturer Bösendorfer to build the first “Audi Design grand piano”. At a price of approximately 100,000 euros, the Vienna-based company will be including this design icon in its high-quality catalogue of instruments from July 16 onwards – the day of its world premiere. The new instrument can be ordered via the Internet at