Little Village

Muji aficionados will love the apartments built by the Japanese brand.

Muji is raising the standard of housing with real estate developer Mitsubishi Chiso to create Muji Village, a three-building condominium complex in Chiba Prefecture. Designing houses with the same pared-down neutral aesthetic s an extension to their simple furniture, clothes and home ware.

The concept for Muji Village boils down to three points: Green, Plain, and Community.

  1. Green means trees, not ecologically sustainable.
  2. Plain means “white, 100 year concrete” and design that won’t go out of fashion, plus flexibility to remodel as your family configuration changes,
  3. Community means common spaces like libraries and a couple of gardens.

Muji Village has a very detailed website but its all in Japanese. Please share with us more about the development in comments, if you can read Japanese.