New Look

Free music download by electro-pop husband and wife duo

Husband and wife duo Sarah Ruba, ex-model and frontwoman, and producer Adam Pavao like taking pictures of each other, and if you were this good looking and achingly hip then you probably would too. It’s not just their look that is dripping in ‘oh so now’ cool, the dreamy electro-pop they’ve been writing since 2005 may owe much to retro electronica such as Aphex Twin or the Future Sound of London, but it’s this fusion of early-90’s ambient sounds with synth-driven nu-soul that makes their original sound so very now, and of course, so very fashionable. Part of a Brooklyn scene (yes, another one) that is boasting the Kanye-approved Theophilus London and producer/photographer/artist Jimmy Edgar, New Look are set to be the most fashionable act of the year, despite of course sharing their name with a tragically un-hip high street store.

Their ‘How’s My Hair’ EP is currently available as a free download along with the new single, ‘Function of Your Love’.