50 things to improve your life

Current affairs magazine Monocle posted a roundup titled “Things to improve your life” in Issue 15. The list includes well-designed pieces, unique places that might not exactly improve your life, but definitely ups your style ante. From the perfect bathing club to the saintliest apothecary, we can’t help but drool all over the pages.

Here is our personal pick of some of the best things we’d like to have to improve your life.

Plates to spice up the conversation   A sound to hum to when I am dreamingA sound to hum to when I am dreaming

A handy social gadgetpoken   A colourful summer garden   A tasteful bottlelazarus wine

A good frothAlessi La Conica   An easy rideAn easy ride

A macaroon from Laduree

A perfect retreat   A lazy day bed

Washing liquids which loves the earth as much as you do

A rocking sheep for the little one   A soap story

A stylish umbrella
Hayden Harnett Umbrella
  A table for all occasions

A good sound system
  A smart timeless everyday watch
A good notebook
  DIY wall stickers

A reusable grocery bag
  An elegant, simple and cosy scarf
Monocle Scarf
  A box of beauty

A light to brighten up my day

A rocking armchair to keep for life
  A sleek Montana Storage

A box of xocoa-bcn chocolates
  Stylish short-haul carriers

A tidy solution to cables
Blue Lounge
  Ultimate comfort socks
  Nostalgic Memories

A scope or two of gelato
Grom Gelato
  A scent to wax about

Sushi kit
   Simple and clean stationery
  A ski holiday in Switzerland

An all weather car
Defender Land Rover

  A trusty Steiff

Comfortable, easy to wear jumpsuit
  A great travel companion
Luxe Travel Barcelona

  Eco friendly partyware
Wasara Partyware


  Craisin And Coconut Biscuits