Carnival of Love

This week we speak to photographer Josh Goleman. The beautiful photos he took for newly wed Adam + Halli has created quite a following.

I stumbled on Adam + Halli’s engagement and wedding photos and is simply blown away. If I’m getting married, this will be how I want everything to be captured. It’s all very natural, emotional and full of love. Here is the link to Adam + Halli’s wedding website, click here.

So it has really been a great pleasure to speak with the man behind the lens. Let’s go.

K: So, what would your typical day be?
J: Well, I work for a photographer, Danny Clinch in Manhattan. So, my typical day is working at the studio, assisting, or traveling with him for shoots. Its an amazing job.

K: Tell us more about your work.
J: I love to explore. People, places, and ideas. I don’t ever want to put a limit on it, or tie it down through a business plan. I want my photography to be free of an 8 hour shoot day and always be open to shooting wider than my backdrop. It’s always important to me for the process to be seen in the final product.

K: What are you currently working on at the moment?
J: I’ve got two really amazing weddings sitting on my desk (stacks of contact sheets) along with two 16mm short wedding film projects. The last 4 weeks I’ve shot three weddings, been to Seattle to shoot Pearl Jam and I just got back from shooting at the music festival Bonnaroo, in Tennessee.

K: What is your favourite and most memorable piece of work you’ve done?
J: A photo thats in my portfolio of an Amish boy sitting on a pony. His dad asked me to take a photo of him, and that it would be his very first photo taken. I think that breaks all sorts of rules.

K: If you had to describe your work in 3 words, what would those words be?
J: Polaroid goop rules.

K: Who has inspired you the most?
J: Danny Lyon, Danny Clinch, Roger Deakins, PT Anderson, Robert Elswit.

K: What music do you mostly listen to when you work?
J: Bright Eyes, Bon Iver, David Bazan, anything you would call “sad bastard” music.

K: What can we look forward to from your work?
J: An adventure. (I hope)

K: Any final words?
J: Hey, watch this! (crash.)