Heavy Metal

Barcelona based American sculptor Frank Plant creates art by forging line drawings out of welded steel.

Love the scale of his super cool 3-dimensional wall art. Frank shares his passion for life and work with Krftd.

K: Tell us about yourself.
F: I’m an american artist that came to europe about 16 years ago, i have always been interested in the challenges and growth involved in living in different cultures. I’ve been based in Barcelona for the last ten years and previous to that 6 in Amsterdam.

K: Who has inspired you creatively?
F: Earlier influences I would have to mention, Ed Keinholz (his work with Nancy Reddin Keinholz as well), Jean Tinguley (his work with Niki de Saint-Phalle as well), Lars Kleen. Now I would have to say that most of my influence artistically comes for looking for inspiration in everyday experiences and social interaction. I respect the work of Erwin Wurm, Fred Erdekens, Tara Donavan, Erwin Redl and Jon Plypchuk to name a few. I look for creativity in use of material, as well as socially provocative subject matter. Although sometimes i can just get carried away by the simplicity of the composition of an object.

K: What significance does your work have?
F: My work has two different points of departure, one involves simple observation and registration of things I find attractive. These would include all the big objects such as the Kalashnikov, Corkscrew as well as the fingerprints and other works including The Accident and Stay on Message. etc…. The other works are more directly socially or politically observant sometimes arriving to the provocative. I work in steel primarily drawing silohuettes and love to introduce other materials that create a bit of contrast.

K: Do you think you have chance of changing things in the world as an artist?
F: Change is a big word, I prefer influence (although in the end I guess it’s somewhat the same) and I do believe it’s possible but it requires a universe of variables to be in accordance. It really also depends on the level of your ambition. The fact that it is possible in and of itself is reason to give it a shot….

K: What can be done to help you reach your work to a greater audience?
F: A lot of things, improving myself as a visual communicator would be the first and foremost though. One would like to think one provides quality of technique and content but there’s always room for improvement and that sometimes alone isn’t enough. Perseverance, self discipline, good community and truckloads of luck on the political level also lend a big hand. The internet ain’t so bad either….

K: What can we look forward to from you?
F: More of the same with the slow incorporation of new materials and techniques as I grow. The latest thing that I’m really excited about is Flock! Great material that goes fantastically with my visual language that I look forward to developing my relationship with….

View more images of Frank’s work on his blog.