Lip Service

Lip Chin is a 22 year old very talented Singapore based artist, his style is unique as he combines his bold painting style with a fusion of different techniques. We asked him a few questions about his work.

K: So Lip, how did you first get into the arts?
L: I started off being very much into popular culture and sub culture, that is design, illustration, graffiti, pop surreal. 4 years ago I decided to follow my passion in printmaking at an art institution in Singapore. I started doing Performance Art, Commercial Graffiti, going overseas for residency and more during my 4 years in the institution.

K: Tell us more about your work.
L: My work has gone through an organic transition to what it is today. From doing something more freestyle, illustrative and pop surreal, my work is now seen more as contemporary. My work now focus on issues I feel strongly about.

K: Please take us through your design process, where do you being?
L: Unlike most artists, I do not not have a sketch book. I prefer to have thoughts in my head while I think or work. Although I am not very verbal nor good at expressing myself through words, I am constantly thinking. I converse through my art pieces.

K: What are you currently working on at the moment?
L: This is going to sound a little emotional. My current work aims to bring the audience back to a certain phase of my life, which is of great importance to me. It is about a previous relationship which lasted about 2 years, very much like a novel or journal.

K: What is your favourite and most memorable piece of work you’ve done?
L: To me, the process of my work is more important. My favorite work will always be the latest creation, as I can see myself progress from my former work, in-terms of techniques aspect, execution and so on.

K: Do you have any stranger side which few people know?
L: I’m full of lust! For a good cause! Not a jerk… haha

K: Who are your favourite designer/artist/hero at the moment?
L: Jeff Koons, John Baldessari, Takashi Murakami, Richard Prince, Nigo Bathing Ape and Pharrell WIlliams

K: What style music do you mostly listen to when you work?
L: Music wise it is dependent on my the mood. Music is a must in my life and art making.

K: Finally, what can we look forward to from your work?
L: I am planning for a big hit soon, properly within 5 years.

For more information on Lip Chin, visit his website —