Poetic Luminary

There’s something unusual about Sergio Mottola’s photos, which make them stand out. Maybe it’s just that bit of magic.

Sergio Mottola shares with Krftd how being a good photographer is all about taking that leap of faith. Let’s go.

K: Tell us a little about yourself as a photographer

S: Hello! My name is Sergio Mottola, and I am a professional portrait and wedding photographer based out of Tacoma, WA. I am 18 years old. I strive to create images that are fresh and unique with a strong perspective, that not only am I proud of, but that my clients will love. I am inspired by all elements of design, light, and fashion, and hope to translate those passions visually through my work. My foray into wedding photography is driven by my admiration of the connections between people… there, truly, is nothing greater. I enjoy portraiture because most people see themselves as unphotogenic, or not beautiful. My hope is to capture frames that make my clients feel beautiful — because I think everyone deserves that.

K: Have you always wanted to be a photographer?

S: I always wanted to do something creative, that’s for certain. My initial interests were in graphic and web design, but I found it too tedious. I wanted to create something that was moving, emotional — and I never really found that until I began to do photography. I think everyone in the world, in some way, appreciates photography. I found I had an insatiable hunger when I started to take pictures. It feels really good to create a strong photograph, so naturally I just kept trying. I never though of myself as a “photographer” until someone ask me to take their portrait. I think that was the day my peephole opened (read Kurt Vonnegut’s Cat’s Cradle).

K: What to you, is most important being a photographer?

S: “Earlier I had had a conversation with our scientist friend, who spends his days doing research which has the potential to benefit us all. He is married to a photographer, and was talking about the difference between his work and hers. He said his own work would get done, with or without him. ‘What I am looking for is there to be discovered, and if I don’t find it, one of my colleagues will.’ ‘But an artist,’ he said, ‘If an artist doesn’t do their work, then that work never gets done.’”

-Patricia Carter

I think that quote sums things up really nicely. I think it is most important to be yourself in all aspects. Your style, your attitude, your client interaction. The best art is real, the worst is contrived and faked.

K: Do you have any stranger side which few people know?

S: I have an affinity for American Apparel hoodies, espresso, Polaroid photography, blogs, and a little Xbox never hurt anyone. I play the drums sometimes, too.

K: What music do you listen to and does it inspire you?

S: I listen to music during all of my waking hours. I listen to a lot of indie music. One of my favorite bands right now is Voxtrot, they have a really Smithsy vibe and great lyrics, too. Another band I like a lot is local to me, Don’t Tell Sophie. It’s really catchy, with great drumming and a unique sound. Check em both out. I also listen to a lot of The Strokes and Death Cab, as well as Albert Hammond Jr. I think music influences me to a certain extent, since all art makes you “feel” a certain way. A photograph can make you feel the same way as a song. I would say that I try and give off a vibe in my photographs that matches with the vibe of the music I listen to.

K: Who is your hero?

S: I’m not sure I’d be able to choose any individual person as my hero, but I have immense respect and admiration for anyone who does something that they love and are passionate about. Bonus points if they are happily married with a kid or two or three. That’s my goal.

K: Could you share with us one of your recent work?


K: What can we look forward to from your work?

S: I will be shooting several beautiful weddings this summer, as well as a ton of portrait sessions. Follow me on Twitter, or check my blog weekly for updates. I will be spending a few weeks in Greece next month, and will be taking a lot of photos, so look out for those too!