Spin on the bottle

What role does packaging play in your life? Good packaging can enhance the image of a product and sometimes encourage impulse buying for the consumers.

Here are 20 elegant and creative packaging bottled water that we love. Which of the following are your favourites?

Malmberg Original mineral water comes from an artesian spring of prehistoric water in Yngsjö, a small village on the coast of southeast Sweden. Love the bright colours and clean overall look.

Gleneagles Water has a distinctive and elegant glass bottle that is quietly understated but complementary branding. A beautiful and timelessly elegant classic.

The classic cylindrical bottle is a contemporary and elegant piece.

Sei Bottle looks fashionable and high-end.

OGO sparkling oxygenwater’s premium bottle is instantly recognisable by its minimalistic, futuristic design. The man behind the unique design of the highly distinctive OGO water bottle is Ora-Ito, the brand name of the designer Ito Morabito.

Taking its name from an ancient Welsh word for ‘to be silent’, TAU Spring Water‘s chic minimalist styling, clear glass and monochromatic labelling combine to create a design that is strikingly contemporary and quietly understated.

The philosophy behind the New Zealand brand – Antipodes bottle was the belief that heroes of the table should be the wine and food, not the water bottle. Hence the bottle was designed short and fat, clean and simple.

This premium natural spring mineral water square PET bottles allowed more bottles to be packed in a box, hence reducing the amount of carbon footprint as compared to the common round bottle.

“Drink water, not sugar” is the mantra of Hint Inc., a conscious beverage company whose goal is simple: to make a simple drink that tastes good. It’s a fresh break from all of the “functional waters” on the line that promise all but the meaning of life.

VEEN Wave 66 is a product by designer Antti Eklund. The bottle´s engraved glass logo is a whispered invitation to the enjoyment. Crystal clear extra flint glass and classic forms of the design are most suitable elements for fine water. The wave in the back of the bottle not only gives a perfect grip, but is also there to represent the first wave raised by Veen Emonen, highly appreciated by the thirsty as well as all sailors.

Sleek packaging for this cool sensation water with real mint.

Part sustainable water company, part art project, part philanthropic project, and completely curious. Boxed Water Is Better, for it is kinder to the environment and gives back a bit.

Fresh, pretty and inviting water bottle design from Sweden

Designed by SunHouse Creative, UK, Aquapax is served in an ‘environmentally conscious’ carton rather than glass or PET. The demonstrative graphic style represents a break from category norms and has been crafted to tell the story with a unique, optimistic and premium feel, as well as conveying strong environmental cues.

Designed by VIDAL LARSSON from Spain, this limited edition 1 litre glass bottle, with minimalist serigraphy design that evokes the purity and the origin of its source.

Designed by VIDAL LARSSON from Spain, the bottle is designed based on a beautiful serigraphy design.

This lovely bottle resembles a little like the Absolut bottle. Designed by Israel agency Koniak

Jens Styve from the Norwegian design company Tank created the bottle with a clean design to give the product a real sense of purity.

Fillico Beverly Hills is a super glamorous bottled water brand from Osaka, Japan that costs $100/bottle. They are made of frosted glass with gold paint and Swarovski crystal accents and decorations. And for about double the price you can add gold wings and/or a gold or silver crown to the bottle (shown is a set of “King and Queen”). Despite the misleading Beverly hills brand name, the water is from a spring in Kobe, Japan and not LA.

Gorgeous work from Calcco for 22 Peñaclara Mineral Water. Roughly translated through Google is a description below: “Maintain a constant 22 º C. Filtering for centuries. Emerging from 550 m depth. At the same temperature. At the same pace. Healthy, clean, clear. Origin of new sensations. Pure flavor. Pure pleasure. Style.”