Transparent mystery

Think all vodkas are created equal? Think again. The art is in the bottle for these 15 creative packaging for vodka.

The focus on transparency in the packaging of vodka has often been used. This is not surprising as the pureness of the liquid seems to be a popular differentiation among the labels. Here are some of my favorite vodka bottle packaging. Which are your favourites? If you come across any other amazing vodka bottles, please share it with us in comments.

And always remember, drink responsibly!

Would you drink vodka infused with the mysterious wormwood? A world’s first, Babicka vodka revives the magic of a 500 year-old Czech witches brew. The design of the bottle is a contemporary interpretation on the medicine bottles of old, featuring a wooden stopper and ‘handwritten’ black on white labelling.

The name ‘Double Cross‘ is inspired by the ancient double cross symbol in the Slovak coat of arms. This rectangle-shaped vodka bottle has no seams and features a number of artistic elements including verses of old-world Slovakian poetry silk-screened on the back, a metal top and a metal double cross logo, derived from the Slovakian flag and embedded in the front.

The world’s first eco vodka is quadruple distilled and five times filtered. I really like that this bottle lets you reuse easily with the easy to open lid.

One of the most refreshing bottle packaging, 1000 acres vodka packaging is such a stunning piece of art I’ll be happy to display around the house. Packaging designed by Arnell

Named for the shape of the bottle, bong vodka has an awe-inspiring artist bottle series.

This Scottish beauty is made with natural spring water and triple distilled through diamond and ruby sand. This bottle truly pampers – the glass centre is filled with precious and semi-precious jewels. The jewels vary and so does the price.

It means so much more when a brand takes on initiatives to remain as sustainable as possible. Square One Vodka is certified organic, and uses soy-based inks on their labels and marketing materials. Other green ideas in the packaging include using paper made from renewable resources and chlorine-free shipper cartons. The bottle is a unique square shape complements the name and makes it easily recognizable.

If i can bottle up my passions, I would go for Karisson’s vodka glass bottles. Clean, uncluttered, with colourful accents of colour. All the packaging in the Karisson’s range – classic to vintage – comes in a sleek glass bottle with minimal labels. The colourful labels adds a personal and optimistic touch. These subtle details achieve a great amount of understatement that the well-dressed will definitely appreciate.

LiV Vodka is 100% crafted from potatoes. The first vodka to be distilled on long island, i love the hues of blue on the label.

This one of a kind vodka from Russia is curved as a Siberian mammoth’s tusk.

Lovejoy Vodka is hand-crafted in small batches with compulsive care and affection, giving it a smooth quality with a unique character and flavor. The patterns on the bottles are so lovely.

Positioned as a luxury vodka with a chic packaging, this is the first neckless bottle ever designed. Turn it into a vase after you’ve indulged all the vodka and it may just be a conversation piece for your guests.

Contained in this 100% clear medical glass is what the creators called “the perfect vodka”. Great work with the lucent and de-bossed logo. It would have been better if the cap is not made of plastic.

The word “effen” in dutch is translated as “smooth, even, balanced”.
The design is developed with form meets function in mind. The bottle’s shape, diamater and material are all considered to create the most practical design for bartenders to handle and keep the liquid colder, longer. The labels are made of rubber material – to ensure a solid grip, while act as an insulator. Very clever.

“Combine a bar, a beach, a batch of fruit and a bunch of friends. That’s the inspiration behind 267 Infusions.”
Every bottle of 267 Infusion holds real fruit inside. This is one the most unique bottle packaging that lets you eat and drink vodka at the same time. The wooden lid adds a refined look to the contemporary sleek bottle. Definitely one of my favorites.