Lego style

In Malaysia, containers pop up as budget hotel rooms.

41 Berangan is a 2-month old 11-room budget hotel in Kuala Lumpur that has made the most of its limited urban space. Two out of the nine hotel rooms – what the hotel calls its courtyard rooms – are constructed from empty, 20-foot shipping containers and form a small courtyard in the empty lot outside. Each room features a garden view, an attached bathroom and all the other amenities enjoyed in the rest of the hotel, including air conditioning, internet access, continental breakfast and 24-hour reception. The hotel is using beds of its own design based on recyclable paper pallets.

Given the high cost and limited availability of space in most urban areas, using the flexibility of shipping containers to make the most of what’s there is definitely a smart approach. We would expect to see more of this strategy popping up in other parts of the land-crunched world.

via: springwise